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We believe               child
deserves a family!


Meet the Leaders

Hey there

I'm Shari

I’m just a girl who is crazy about Jesus and working every day to love as He does. Through the miracle of birth, then adoption, and most recently foster care, 11 precious kiddos call me mom.  I also have two baby girls that I'm Mimi (grandma) to and one little grandson on the way.

I’m so lucky that my best friend and partner in ministry is also my handsome hubby.

We have been walking through life together since 1997 and he really is “The Wind Beneath My Wings.” (Thanks Bette for that gem)

A few years ago you could have found me running a sales meeting, driving a pink Cadillac, and thriving in a networking marketing career that I loved. I had been with that company for 13 years and it was more than a career to me. It was my family, my friend group, and honestly, it became my identity. I never imagined walking away from all of that but I was so clearly hearing from God that it was time. I knew I had no choice but to trust God and believe that He would guide my next steps. I was so scared but clung to the promise that the Lord would direct my steps.


After lots of soul searching I nervously grabbed my backpack and walked back to the same college classroom I had left in 1996, this time to pursue a Masters’s degree in social work. (No joke, I really had the same English professor in 1996 and 2020! Shout out to Professor Brattolii at JJC. Go Wolves!). After graduating from Lewis University with my Social Work degree, I took a few days off and got right back at it! I’m still on that journey and the Lord really does work miracles because this 46-year-old mom of 11 is hanging in there with her Masters in Social Work in sight!


Because of my own journey as a foster and adoptive mom and the need I was seeing in other families for support and encouragement, CALLED TO CARE was born. I believe everyone wants to help vulnerable children, but most people just aren’t sure how. The vision for CALLED TO CARE is to mobilize the church and individuals to find their way to “care.” Maybe it’s taking a child into your home, or maybe it is providing a meal or childcare or mowing someone's yard. We definitely aren’t all called to be foster parents, but we all are called to foster care.

Home is my absolute favorite place to be. Our old white farmhouse surrounded by big strong trees and a yard for the kids to run gives me a feeling of indescribable peace and joy. On most days you can find me at home hanging with my kiddos, or in my happy place, the kitchen, making food to feed my crew. Date nights with Phil are the best nights, and we haven’t met a Mexican restaurant we haven’t loved! A stroll through Target with a Starbucks in hand will always be on the top of my list of ways to relax and unwind, but an hour of scrolling on FB Marketplace isn’t too shabby either.


Other Faces of Called to Care

Phil brings a wealth of knowledge to the board from his 20+ years as an educator and almost a decade of pastoral work. His charming personality and magnetic smile are perhaps what he is known best for. A genuine love for kids and passion for the vulnerable is evident in his life as he is the biological, adoptive, and foster father of 11 children.

Phil’s faith in God and ability to say YES to whatever God calls him next are some of his best traits. Phil is a very active board member serving right alongside his wife, Shari. Phil considers it a blessing and joy to serve as the Online and Connections Pastor at Village Bible Church. A farmhouse in Newark is where Phil calls home with his whole crew. 

years married to his best friend & FOUNDER of Called to care


lots of kiddos
bio, adopted, & fostered


Years as pastor
@ village Bible


grandfather to two beautiful girls + 1 boy on the way


attends village bible church

Phil Chapman

BOARD Treasurer/secretary

Ashley has a lifetime of accolades that point to her strong work ethic, love of people, and natural leadership ability. As a former teacher and mom of three, her gift of working with children is evident. Ashley is a lifelong resident of Yorkville, and the many relationships she has cultivated over the years run deep and wide.

As the Director of Private Event Sales at Whitetail Ridge, Ashley brings incredible business and marketing experience to Called to Care. Ashley has felt a calling on her life to be a part of the mission to support and love vulnerable children. Ashley resides in Yorkville with her husband, Brett, and her three children. 

YEARS working at the family business


years MARRIED TO my work colleague, brett


boys that look similar that were born the same day


gorgeous daughters



Ashley Johnson

attends cross lutheran church

Kristen is a sweetheart of all sweethearts. Her genuine and pure love for children and the Lord is what makes her such a great board member for Called to Care. Whether at work, at home, or out and about, Kristen can be found loving and laughing with kiddos.

Her heart and home are both open to whatever the Lord has in store for her family, and she is consistently giving God a big “yes” to whatever He might have planned for her next. Kristen currently serves as the Children’s Ministry Director at Helmar Lutheran Church. Kristen lives in rural Newark (Helmar) with her husband Jacob and their three children. 







BOARD Member

Kristen Mathre

attends helmar lutheran church

During a mission trip to Ethiopia in July 2015, God really broke Dylan’s heart for vulnerable children. If you are around Dylan for a short time, you will quickly see his big heart and willing spirit to help anyone with anything. He is most comfortable on a basketball court and has used his love of sports to engage and build relationships with young and old alike.

Dylan is recently married to his high school sweetheart, Mattie, who serves as Chair of the Childcare Committee for Called to Care. Having spent a lot of time with Mattie’s adopted and foster siblings, Dylan has excellent experience working with kiddos from hard places and embracing cultures different from his own. Dylan works for Parkview Christian Academy as a Physical Education teacher and is the Assistant Basketball coach at his alma mater, Newark
High School. 



in his 2nd year of coaching basketball


has gone to africa twice to serve kids


is expecting his first child in december (boy)



Dylan Patrick

attends village bible church

Amy is best known for her great big smile, unbridled love for the Lord, and her unwavering devotion to her family. As an adoptive and foster momma, Amy has made a conscious decision to step into the broken and hard places of life. Amy does not shy away from the sometimes challenging missions the Lord has given her, but instead, she walks towards them with open arms saying, “use me Lord.”

Amy is often heard saying that she does not want any part of her life wasted, and she prays that both her trials and successes will further the kingdom. Her keen ability to be authentic with others and walk through life with people will be a gift to Called to Care. Amy’s husband Josh is the pastor at St. Olaf Lutheran in Montgomery, IL. They have five boys, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and have served as foster parents.

years married to her favorite pastor


kids that have call her mama
bio, adopted, & fostered





Amy Skogerboe

attends st olaf lutheran church